Great Electrical Updates for Your Home

Electrician in Orange Park, FLMaking home upgrades is a wise move for any homeowner. Electrical upgrades can make your home safer and even increase your property value. Take a look at these excellent recommendations:

  • Install New Lighting – When was the last time you added new lighting to your home? If you have been living in your current house for more than a decade, new lighting is a smart investment. Our team is available to provide you with high-end recessed lighting that will look magnificent in your living room or kitchen.
  • Update Your Electrical Panel – If you live in an older home and are regularly dealing with flickering lights, you should consider having us install a new electrical panel. There are many panels out there that have been recalled over the years, including Zisco and Federal Pacific panels. If you notice one of these panels in your home, you should make the upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Add New Electrical Outlets – Every home could use a few extra electrical outlets. It may seem like an easy thing to do on your own, but an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from our business can come in and perform the additions safely and efficiently.

Call us today at (904) 802-0579 for more information about our services. Our courteous and friendly electricians are proud to service Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, and other locations throughout the community.

Advice for Hurricane Season

Electrical Contractors in Jacksonville, FLHurricane season has returned and it is time to prepare for any emergency. Here are a few handy tips for any homeowner:

  • Remember to Grab Batteries – Hurricane season has just begun, so you should start grabbing batteries today. Keep an eye out for BOGO deals at your local grocery and drug stores, as well as at new IKEA – they have cheap packs of batteries at a price that will not break the bank.
  • Unplug Valuable Appliances – When the power goes out, you should unplug your valuable electronics and appliances. The return of electricity could cause a surge that may damage these items. Furthermore, ensure that your AC unit is off. You do not want to discover that your AC no longer works because a power surge fried the outside unit.
  • Prepare for Flooding – Do you frequently have problems with flooding during hurricanes? You should make sure you are prepared now before the issue becomes a problem. Unplug anything that may be affected by water and switch off your main power before the flooding gets bad to ensure it does not come back on while it is still wet.

You can trust the electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, at Mister Sparky when you need assistance preparing for hurricanes or taking care of electrical issues in your home.

Adding Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Electrical Contractors in Jacksonville, FLThere are many upgrades you should be making on your home. You may not think it is necessary, but investing in outdoor electrical outlets for your older home is a wise investment. With new outlets, you will be able to get lawn work done outdoors, as well as enjoy your backyard without having to worry about investing in a ton of extension cords.

Many older homes in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas do not have an electrical outlet installed on the exterior. This may have made sense in the 1940s when outlets were not as dependable, but many of today’s modern lawn care devices require an outlet to run. When you hire a professional electrician to install outlets, it is essential to know that they will have to cut into the exterior of your home to make the installation. Before they arrive, take a look at your exterior so you can let them know where the outlets will work best for your needs. The electrician will be installing special outdoor outlets that feature a ground fault circuit interrupter, as well as watertight covers to protect the outlet from dirt, rain, and other debris.

Count on the electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, at Mister Sparky to help you with your electrical outlet needs. Our team is ready to help you with outlet installations, as well as a wide array of additional electrical installation and repair services.

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

Ponte Vedra ElectricianSummer is here and we will be spending more time in the sun! Here are some handy tips to follow before you start using electrical items outdoors:

  • Monitor the Weather – As a Floridian, you know that it can rain for an hour and then stay sunny for the rest of the day. Before you start using electronic appliances outdoors, you should check your forecast. If high winds are coming, then you might want to avoid using something that could fall over, such as an electric grill.
  • Use Outdoor Extension Cords – Before you invest in a new extension cord for outdoor use, check to see if it is rated for outdoor use. Outdoor cords should be marked with a “W” on the packaging, while light-duty indoor cords are marked with an “S.” Using an indoor extension cord puts you at risk for electrical shock.
  • Watch Where You Run Your Cords – Make sure that you keep all of your electrical cords out of walkways and doorways. You do not want to trip over any wires and cause harm to your family members. Additionally, you should make sure that you move any cords once you are done with using your appliances.

Call a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from Mister Sparky when you need assistance with outdoor electrical needs this summer. Our dedicated crew of specialists is happy to come to your location and make sure your home is ready for outdoor fun!

Common Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker May Be Tripping

Electrician in Orange Park, FLAre you having an issue with a circuit breaker tripping? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Defective Appliances – Does your power cut off every time you use an appliance in your home? There may be a problem with the wiring of that specific appliance that is causing problems. You should consider having the appliance looked at by a professional before using it every day.
  • Overloaded Circuit – When you use too many electrical appliances on a circuit that cannot draw that much power, you are dealing with an overloaded circuit. Take a look at how many things are plugged in. If you have a lot of different appliances plugged into a power strip, you may need to reconsider what you have plugged in.
  • Short Circuit and Ground Fault Issues – When a hot wire crosses a ground or neutral wire, circuits begin to heat. This issue causes your circuit breaker to trip. An electrician should be able to take a look at your system to assist you with this issue.

When you need to hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL, as well as Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, you can trust the team at Mister Sparky. We are available to assist you with circuit breaker issues, as well as a wide array of other problems.

Three Reasons to Install New Electrical Outlets in Your Bedroom

Ponte Vedra ElectricianYour bedroom is the place where you rest, so you should do everything you can to make it comfortable. With just a few extra electrical outlets, you can make definite improvements. Here are some reasons why you should invest in new outlets:

  • Have a Place to Charge Your Phone – Do you have a good place near your bed to charge your phone? If you are the type of person who likes to flick through social media before going to bed, you should consider investing in a new outlet that features USB outlets. You can put this outlet in any convenient location, including near your nightstand or behind your bed.
  • Update Your Older Outlets – If you have old two-prong outlets in your bedroom, you need to make the upgrade as soon as possible. These older outlets can be a fire hazard. You should upgrade any two-prong outlets, as well as make sure that all other outlets are updated while you are at it.
  • Build a Bedroom Entertainment Center – Lying down in your bed and enjoying a movie or your favorite TV show is an unparalleled experience. If you do not have enough power outlets to run a TV and a streaming device or Blu-ray player, you can have our team help you.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky when you need electrical repairs and updates in the Jacksonville area. Whether you need a Ponte Vedra electrician or are seeking assistance in Orange Park, our talented crew is here to help you.

Hire an Electrician Before Your Baby Comes

Electrician in Orange Park, FLHaving a new baby is a joyous occasion, but there are many things you must do in your home before your baby comes! You have plenty of things to do, so it is a wise idea to hire an electrician to help you prepare before your child is born. Here are some things an electrician can do:

  • Spot Problem Areas – An electrician can do an assessment of your home to see where you may have problem areas. Your electrician can handle issues like damaged electrical outlets, excessive use of extension cords, and outlets that are just out of date.
  • Update Your Child’s Room – It is essential that your child’s room be ready for the day they come home. You do not want to be doing a bunch of work on it while they are in their first few weeks. Our electricians can add new outlets, install recessed lighting, and put in new ceiling fans.
  • Hide Electrical Cords – Do you have electrical cords all over your living room? An electrician can assist you with these issues. We can help you with cord covers to prevent your child from pulling them out and hurting themselves.

Call the team at Mister Sparky when you need an electrician! When you need an electrician in Orange Park, FL, as well as Jacksonville and the surrounding communities, we are ready to assist you.

How an Electrician Can Help You with a Home Theater

Electrical Contractors in Jacksonville, FLBuilding a home theater is a dream that many of us have. These days, it is relatively simple to do everything by yourself, but sometimes you need a little extra help to ensure your theater looks perfect. The team at Mister Sparky can help you in a variety of ways:

  • More Outlets – One issue you may run into when setting up a home theater is there are not enough electrical outlets in your room for everything. You need power for your TV, Blu-ray player, sound system, and any other peripherals that may make your system perfect. We are available for new outlet installations.
  • Updated Wiring – You need to make sure that your electrical system can handle the electrical load of your new home theater. Our team is available to test your system to see if it can handle everything. If you live in an older home, we can check your wiring and make necessary updates.
  • Hide Your Cords – A common complaint that people who build their own home theaters is they have trouble hiding all the wires coming from the many components used to build the system. We can help you protect your cords so you will not have to worry about tripping over a cord in the dark.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky when you need the assistance of talented electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. We are ready to help you build your perfect home theater.

Taking Care of Your Ceiling Fan Problems

Electrician Orange Park FLThe warm days are slowly starting to inch their way back into our lives as this cold winter comes to an end, so you may find yourself turning on your overhead fan to see that it is not working as it did before winter. The team at Mister Sparky in Jacksonville, FL, has put together a list of some common issues you may face:

  • Stuck on One Speed – When your fan is stuck on one speed, the most common reason is that a capacitor has blown. When it burns out, the fan will be stuck at low speed. If it is stuck on high speed, then it is very likely that the pull cord is no longer properly connected.
  • Wobbly and Noisy – A noisy fan that wobbles can cause much stress, so it is vital that you take care of this issue as soon as possible. Check for loose screws and connections around the fan, making sure that the fan blades are correctly attached and balanced.
  • Stopped Working – A fan that will not run is either a straightforward repair or a sign that you need to have it replaced. If you have made sure that the fan is receiving power, the switch is working correctly, and that the wiring within the housing is not loose, then you may need to replace it.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky to provide you with ceiling fan services. When you hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from our business, we will assist you with troubleshooting, install new fans, and perform a wide array of additional services.

Why is My Electrical Outlet Sparking?

Electrical Contractors Jacksonville FLElectrical outlets may spark from time to time. Many times, you will notice a small blue spark that will come and go quickly – this is normal, but there are some bad sparks. If you see long sparks, big sparks that leap out of the sockets, or sparks that are followed by the smell of smoke, you might be having one of the following issues:

  • Old Outlets – Outlets do not last forever. Standard use will cause the contact points in your outlets to wear out. In extreme cases of wear, significant electrical arcing can occur. It is essential that you be mindful of this potential issue if you have moved into an older home.
  • Short Circuit Issues – When an outlet’s hot wire comes in contact with the neutral or ground wire, a short circuit can occur. The outlet will start to draw in an excessive current, which will cause sparking and heat, eventually causing a fire.
  • Moisture – Sparking may be related to a moisture issue. If you happened to splash some water on the outlet, it should be dried out before you use it again. On the other hand, there could be a leak in your wall that may be a sign of more significant problems.

When you are having problems with your outlets, you can contact our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. The team at Mister Sparky provides repair services, as well as new outlet installations.