Home Wiring and You – Ponte Vedra Electrician

Understanding the wiring in your home is vital for any homeowner or renter. Mister Sparky, the business you call when you are looking for a talented Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician, wants to provide you with information about your electrical systems. With our help, you will be able to properly understand the seemingly complicated wiring aspect of your home.

Electricity gets to your home through a pole or via underground wiring that comes from the energy company. This energy goes directly from the wire to the meter in your home. With this meter, JEA can see exactly how much electricity enters your home at all times.

The main breaker panel is where the electricity enters your home. These panels dictate the maximum amount of electricity that you can use in your home. Most typical homes will have a 200 amp service, while older homes only have 100 amps. Within the breaker panel, you will find the smaller circuit breakers that divvy up the electricity running through your home. As you can most likely tell, the circuit breaker makes sure that there are no electrical overloads in your home. When you need assistance with your main breaker panel, you can rest assured that a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from our business can assist you.

Dozens of wires come out of your circuit breaker and are connected to individual parts of your home. Most of these wires have approximately three wires, including one bare wire and two insulated wires. These carry the electricity to and from the panel and outlets, as well as make sure that the wiring is grounded. When you plug an item into the outlet, you are completing the circuit, allowing electricity to flow throughout your home properly. Ask a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician at our business about the possibility of rewiring your home when you are having issues related to your outlets.

Are you seeking assistance with home wiring? You can speak with a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician at Mister Sparky to learn more about our services. Our certified specialists have years of experience providing home wiring services in both new houses and older homes. Contact us today at (904) 802-0579 to have a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician come to your location today!