How Damaged Appliances Can Damage Your Electrical System

Jacksonville Electrical ServiceA damaged appliance is problematic for a lot of reasons. It is inconvenient, frustrating, and potentially dangerous. Did you know that your appliance can cause damage to your electrical system, as well as your home?

The first thing that usually happens when an electronic appliance begins to malfunction is it will send a burst of electricity into your system. Modern circuit breakers have been setup to turn off automatically when this happens. If you discover a tripped circuit breaker, than this issue could be a sign that something is happening. Before turning it back on, you may want to check out the appliances on that circuit to see what may be causing the problem. Do not turn the circuit back on, as the malfunctioning appliance could cause additional problems.

Your appliance could also start a fire. These fires are usually very small and located within the appliance, but they can spread when located near a wall, curtains, or any other item located near the unit. By taking the appliance out of the equation as soon as possible, you will be able to avoid this problem in the future.

If you are seeking a Jacksonville electrical service to assist you with issues related to damaged electrical systems, you can count on the team at Mister Sparky. We are ready to help you with your damaged system.