More Safety Tips from an Electrician in Orange Park, FL

Taking care of the electrical system in your house is vital for all homeowners. The team at Mister Sparky wants to help you with your home. As the company you contact when you need an electrician in Orange Park, FL, we are happy to offer a handful of great tips that are good for everyone:

  • Never Overload Your Outlets – How many things do you have plugged into one outlet? If it’s more than two, there is a chance you could overload it. You can tell that it is overloaded because it is hot to the touch. The minute you notice your outlet is warm is the minute you should have an electrician in Orange Park, FL, come to check it out. In addition to repairing the outlet, we can also install new ones in your home.
  • Unplug Unused Appliances – Do you have appliances that you only use occasionally plugged in right now? If your answer is yes, you should consider unplugging them until you need to use them. These appliances are draining power from your outlets by phantom power drain, which is the amount of energy the device uses when it is not on. Additionally, having them plugged in means that they are vulnerable to power surges and overheating issues.
  • Consider the Exhaust Fan – Many items that we use every day, such as computers and microwaves, have exhaust fans that keep the device working efficiently. When these fans are not cleaned and maintained, it causes the device to overhead, which can lead to an electrical fire. It is crucial that you keep an eye on the exhaust fan on these items, making sure that the fan is clean and able to operate correctly.

Count on the team at Mister Sparky to help you when you need assistance with the electrical system in your home. When you request assistance from an electrician in Orange Park, FL, we will send a member of our team out to your home in a fast and efficient manner. For your peace of mind, we always arrive at your location at the time we say we will arrive. Additionally, we are honest and will work hard to take care of your needs, whether they are repair or installation services.