Professionally Installed House Surge Suppressors

The term “transient surge” refers to some sudden spike in electrical power that could surge through wiring and short circuit any electrical device connected to the electric service panel. The most common supply of transient surge is lighting. Lighting does not need to hit the dwelling itself. A strike on a nearby transformer can spike the voltage throughout the area and destroy equipment in every house on the block. Because technology has evolved that almost every electronic device in today’s home comprises a printed circuit board like the kind seen in computers, professionally installed entire house surge suppression is the sole reliable safeguard against catastrophic equipment failure. These fluctuations occur because of long distances between small communities and service providers, and they’ll wreck havoc on systems, stereos, kitchen appliances, and of course, computers. Many individuals are not aware of those hazards and rely on retail power strips to protect the electrical equipment that is sensitive.

It is a trust misplaced, because almost every subsystem coming from service provider is consequently a potential danger that requires entire house surge suppression to proactively safeguard against. Contact our team of professionals for panel upgrades in Jacksonville.

It is crucial to know that as dwellings have developed more and larger customized within the last 40 years that the wiring systems used to power them have also become more complicated. Many homeowners are surprised when they discover that circuit boards that are printed are now contained by electrical panels themselves just like computers.

To minimize the likelihood of such catastrophic damage, it is a good idea to invest in a complex entire house surge suppressor engineered to block lightning induced power spikes that are filthy and transience. A standard size whole house surge suppressor has been proven to block spikes of up to 300,000A and is just 50 of equivalent devices.

While there are many whole house surge suppression devices on the market that is open, they are very burdensome for the self-trained electrician– and virtually hopeless for the beginner– to accurately install. When homeowners work with a professional, certified team of electrical contractors, they receive the best commercial grade entire house surge suppression technology provided directly to their residential service panel and home automation network. Electrical design consultants will quite quickly gauge the character and size of any home’s electrical network, and normally perform upgrades and panel repair and calculate the required level of protection it requires. This data is then used to find out the right size of the entire house surge suppressor.

Instead, size in this sense refers more to the ratio of power delivered to the home versus the amount of devices drawing power. The more devices, thousands of dollars in equipment replacement and the larger the threat of catastrophic home power failure costs. For example, most folks in bigger homes now have up to one wall plus four televisions -sized plasma TV. Such homes are normally entered by electric design teams and are amazed to discover that the plasma TV is plugged directly into the wall–and consequently waiting to be the very first device destroyed without effective whole house surge suppression to protect it.

Other systems like satellite dishes, alarms, and phones, although physically outside the house, are vulnerable to transient spike and must also be factored into the equation when computing the necessary amount of surge suppression for the house as a whole.