Spring Electrical Safety Tips from Our Electrical Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Spring is just around the corner, which means it is time to do a little spring cleaning! What better way to improve your home than taking care of electrical issues that have happened over the past years. The electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, at Mister Sparky are prepared to help you with a wide array of electrical issues, including repairs and maintenance. Take a look at these great electrical safety tips:

Take a Look at Your Cords – It does not matter where you live, you need space for your electronics. Many of us who do not have enough room for cords and end up using extension cords or running longer cords under the carpet or against the wall to reach other electrical outlets in the room. This month, you should take a look at these spots in your home and make updates. If you need new outlets, you can request assistance from our electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL.

Think of the Children – Did a new bundle of joy enter your family at the end of last year? If the answer is yes, then your little one may be crawling around the house. You should take some time to get onto their level and see if there are any electrical hazards that need to be addressed. This could be as simple as making sure that all outlets have plug covers on them or seeing if any cords from your older lamps are frayed or damaged.

Attend to the Lingering Issues – Have you been ignoring problems around the house, such as flickering lights, non-functioning electrical outlets, or wiring problems? Now that we have all had a chance to replenish our bank accounts after Christmas, you should consider bringing in a specialist to take a look at these problems now before they become a more significant issue. A small wiring problem could turn into a fire if left unattended.

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