Stop Electrical Fire Hazards with Help from an Electrician in Orange Park, FL

An electrical fire in your home can cause an incredible amount of damage. As soon as these fires start, they can spread quickly, destroying your home and possibly hurting anyone in it. Start monitoring your home for any potential problems and contact the team at Mister Sparky for assistance. We provide services all over Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. When you are looking for an electrician in Orange Park, FL, our talented team is ready to assist you.

Flickering lights in the home may be one of the signs that there is an electrical problem in your home. When you notice this problem, you should make sure that the light bulbs have been screwed in correctly. If the problem is still occurring, then it may be a sign that the fixture or wiring is loose. If the light is plugged in, then there might be an issue with the outlet. You can give us a call to arrange an electrician in Orange Park, FL, to come to your home and check out the problem.

Circuit boxes that trip often are also a big sign that there are issues with your electrical system. Circuit boxes that trip every day are the biggest concern. This may be a sign that your box can no longer handle the circuit or that there may be some issue with the wiring. Lesser issues that cause a box to trip regularly include too many appliances plugged into one outlet. Our specialists will be able to visit your home, tell you about the source of the problem, and make recommendations to fix it.

Sparking outlets, as well as outlets that smell like smoke, are also a significant fire hazard. Any time you notice a spark that just does not seem right or you are smelling smoke, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible. These issues could be caused by a short circuit, exposed wiring, old outlets, and outlets that have not been installed properly.

Keep your family, as well as your property, safe with help from an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from Mister Sparky. We understand your needs and work efficiently to take care of any potential fire hazards.