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Upgrading Aluminum Wiring in the Home

Electrical Inspection in JacksonvilleIf your house was built or updated in the late 1960s, you might have aluminum wiring in your home. This wiring is not necessarily a bad thing, but the connections have been known to cause fires. In fact, many insurance companies will not provide you with coverage until this issue has been repaired.

A complete rewiring of your home will take care of this issue, but it is very expensive and a massive project. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you can have a specialist make the connections safe by adding special COPALUM connectors to the end of your aluminum wiring. A trained electrician should always be installing these connectors. Please note that they may need to replace existing junction boxes to make room for these connectors. Once updated, you can send a photograph and your receipt to the insurance company. Additionally, you can rest assured that your family is a little bit safer in your home.

Whether you need an electrical inspection in Jacksonville or are looking for someone to help you make upgrades required by your insurance company, you can rest assured that the professionals at Mister Sparky will be able to help you. Our crew of experts works hard to provide you with fast and efficient services to ensure your home is safe at all times.

Electrical Inspection in Jacksonville, FL

Flickering Lights in the Home

Have you had a problem with flickering lights in your home? Take a look at some of the issues that may be the source of your difficulties:

  • Lightbulb Problems – If you notice the lights flickering in your home, you should take a look at the lightbulb. It is possible that the bulb is not screwed in all the way. Additionally, the light bulb may be burning out or faulty. Try replacing the bulb. If it works just fine, then that was your problem.
  • Power Surges – A power surge in your home is one of the many reasons your light may be flickering. Do you notice that lights flicker every time the AC unit kicks on? If the answer is yes, then this is an everyday surge and not a safety concern. You want to be concerned with the light having problems when no additional appliances start.
  • Wiring – The wiring in your home may also be the source of the problem. If it is happening on an overhead light, then it is likely that one of the wires is loose or damaged. In these cases, you will have to contact a professional to assist you with your issue.

Make sure that all of your lighting and the rest of your electrical system are working correctly when you work with the team at Mister Sparky. We offer a wide variety of services, helping you when you need repair services or an electrical inspection in Jacksonville.

Why Is My Energy Bill So High – Appliances

Electrical Inspection Jacksonville | MisterSparkyFirstCoast.comHave you ever opened up your electric bill and balked at the amount owed? You’re not the only one! There are a variety of reasons why it may be too high – you have insulation problems, air is escaping through your windows, or something in your system isn’t working properly. You may also be dealing with appliances that are just sucking your energy. Here are a few of the worst offenders:

Central Air – Everyone knows that a central air system uses the most energy to operate. If you have it running around the clock, then you are spending up to $1.50 per hour it is operational. Do the math and you’ll realize that all of those hours add up.

Refrigerator – Your fridge also sucks down a lot of power. Making sure that your refrigerator is not running too cold and is working properly is a great way to stop your bill from getting too high. You should also consider investing in an energy efficient refrigerator if you haven’t already done so.

Dryer – Do you have a dryer at home? If so, it may be costing you up to $.40 per hour it runs. Before running every piece of clothing you own through the dryer, pause to ask yourself if it can be air dried. Take advantage of those bright and sunny Florida days to hang your clothes outside on a line instead.

Talk to a technician at Mister Sparky today to learn more about why your energy bill is high. We can provide you with an electrical inspection in Jacksonville to discover any problem areas.

Electrical Inspection in Your New Property

Electrical Inspection Jacksonville | MisterSparkyFirstCoast.comAre you moving into a home that was at one point abandoned? Are you putting your home on the market after living in it for many years? Do you just want to make sure your property is safe? Then our electrical inspection services are perfect for your needs. There are a variety of reasons to request our assistance in your home, such as:

  • Bring Your Home Up to Code – Electrical code compliance is very important when it comes to safety. Our electricians know about the latest code compliance rules and will be able to make proper evaluations on your current setup.
  • Increase Your Property Value – When putting your home on the market, it is important to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape. Addressing electrical system issues before putting your home on the market is a wise investment that often translates to more money at the time of sale.
  • Make Sure Your Children are Safe – Whether you are having your first baby or are just the parent to a precarious child, you can prevent shock hazards with an inspection. This way, you’ll be able to see where the problems lie so that you can take care of it before your child gets hurt.

Don’t wait to request an electrical inspection in Jacksonville. The specialists at Mister Sparky are standing by and ready to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our inspection services.