The Benefit of Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors – Jacksonville Electrical Contractors

Smoke detectors are a fundamental part of any home. Have you considered hiring our Jacksonville electrical contractors to install hard-wired detectors in your home? Here are some of the significant benefits to installing these new detectors in your home.

Stop Worrying about Batteries – How many times have you gone to check your smoke detector, only to discover that the battery has been dead? When you have hard-wired smoke detectors in your home, you can rest assured that as long as the electricity is on, your smoke detectors are running! Additionally, our Jacksonville electrical contractors always install smoke detectors with backup batteries that continue to work even when the power has gone out!

Interconnected Detectors – When you have hard-wired smoke detectors in your home, there is a separate cable that connects all of your detectors together. This wire lets the other detectors know when smoke is detected in another room, making sure that everyone in your home hears the alarm going off at all time. If you live in a larger house, are heavy sleepers, or just have trouble hearing anything outside of the room you are currently in, these smoke detectors will ensure everyone in the home will know when smoke has been detected.

Meet Minimum Requirements – Did you know that old battery smoke detectors no longer pass code in new construction projects? Now all smoke detectors must be wired directly into your electrical system, be interconnected, and have a battery backup. When you are building a new home and having our Jacksonville electrical contractors do the wiring, you can also request new smoke detectors installations to guarantee that your home will pass code requirements. Not only do we install them, but our team will also make sure they are placed in the proper areas.

Invest in new smoke detectors with help from the team at Our Jacksonville electrical contractors are available to come to your brand new home near the Town Center or are available to provide you with wiring services in your older home over in the Avondale area. All you have to do is call us at (904) 802-0579 or make an online request for an appointment and one of our Jacksonville electrical contractors will come to your location to provide you with unparalleled services.