The Benefits of Having Ceiling Fans in Summer – Ponte Vedra Electrician

Florida is hot. This means running the AC all summer long is inevitable for most homeowners. If you are concerned with the expense of running your air conditioner and want to feel comfortable in your home, new ceiling fans may be the answer you are seeking. Mister Sparky, your local Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra electrician, offers ceiling fan installation services, guaranteeing that every room in your home will feel comfortable all year long.

The truth about ceiling fans is that they don’t necessarily lower the temperature in a room, but they do allow you to feel comfortable while the temperature is higher. The breeze from a ceiling fan causes the evaporation of moisture on your skin, making you feel cooler than you would without it. Ask a Ponte Vedra electrician at our business – or any other business – and they’ll tell you that installing a ceiling fan is a smart move for any homeowner who hates to turn the AC on too high.

The big problem with running your AC all summer long in the Florida heat is that, as the days grow longer and hotter, you have to run your AC for more hours to stay comfortable. When you have a Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician from our business come to your home to install a new ceiling fan, you won’t have to worry about turning the air up in those dog days. We handle complete installations, making sure that your fan works properly with your electrical system. It should be noted that, to get the full savings possible, you should keep the fan off in a room when you are not in it.

Finding a trustworthy Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra electrician is simple when you come to Mister Sparky. Our expert staff are properly licensed and have years of experience working in homes all over the area – working at the Beaches and helping people over on the Northside. We can install fans, assist you with electrical outlets, take care of wiring problems, or just put in new smoke detectors. Call us today at (904) 802-0579 to speak with a Ponte Vedra electrician or request 24/7 emergency assistance.